Top casinos

One of our most difficult tasks was to select a few among the multitude of top online casinos, which meet all of our criteria. In times when internet gambling has become increasingly popular, and when more and more players favor internet casinos instead of the real ones (the main reasons are: generous welcome bonuses, various bonuses with no deposit and playing from your own armchair), it was not easy to narrow down the choice of online casinos to only a few. Conditions that they had to meet were:

– they poses most of the games for which we offer free gaming on our website (to use games from a minimum of 3 game developers listed on our website).
– that they are safe and reliable, and that their site have safety certificates and software
– to give generous welcome bonuses, if possible with no deposit bonuses
– to pay you for free spins on some of the popular games
– to offer play in many countries
– to have a fast and efficient contact service
– to be visited by a large number of players around the world
– you can play without downloading software
– to have mobile games
– fast payouts and payments
– to care about their players

List of casinos that meet the above requirements, or at least most of them can be found in the text below. These are casinos that we strongly recommend and that have been tested by us.

List of top online casinos: